Want to something completely custom? I can help.

Letterpress Fonts

These studio favorites are available in-house for a quick turnaround.

Letterpress Colors *

Here is my studio palette for custom projects.

I can also color match for an additional fee. Simply provide a color reference, Pantone or a color swatch will do.

About Page - Letterpress Ink Color Choices
* Please note that these colors are meant for general reference only, and may appear different on your computer screen or mobile device than in print.
Color samples are available on request.

Alternative Printing Methods

Blind impression

This printing technique does not apply any ink. Instead, a “blind impression” relies solely on the impression made onto the paper. The blind impression has a beautiful, subtle effect, unique to letterpress printing.

Foil stamping

This effect will give you a shiny metal finish for type and/or images. While this is not something that we currently offer, we are happy to provide referrals to other qualified printers for your foil stamping needs.